Guthrie Co. Fair

         Camping Rules
        During Fair Time


  1. Camping spots may be reserved for the 2020 fair during the 2019 fair.  Camping fees are $160.00. These fees must be paid in the Secretary’s Office before Monday, Sept. 2nd at 2:00 PM.  Tents (not in the designated tent area) are the same as one camper with a fee of $160.00.   If fees are not paid, the campsite will become available.   There are NO REFUNDS if the campsite is not used the following year. 

  2. 2019 fees paid reserve your site and allow for check in on Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 8:00 AM and check out on Monday, Sept. 2, 2019.

  3. Tents can be placed in designated tent area.  Campsites are $50/site in tent area.

  4. All campers or tents who arrive before 8 AM on Saturday, August 24, 2019, will be charged $15 per day. 

  5. All reserved campers are to be parked in their space by Wednesday, August 28, 2019, at noon.  Spots not occupied by noon will be subject to being sold and filled by the fair board to those on the waiting list for the remainder of that year.

  6. Campsites include 2 season passes (these are NOT membership tickets) and 1 vehicle parking pass.  $50 tent sites do not include season passes or vehicle parking spot.  Camping packets will be distributed when the camper is set.

  7. Campers must observe using the car camping pass (one vehicle to camping spot) or you may lose your right to reserved camping

  8. No Keg Beer

  9. Open fires out at 11 PM.  If conditions are too dry, signs will be posted not allowing open fires.

  10. No fires are to be unattended and no burning of pallets or garbage.

  11. No dogs on fair grounds, including the campgrounds.  Only exceptions: Dogs can be on the grounds directly before, during, and directly after the dog show or if the dog is a registered service dog.

  12. No scooters or ATV’s (4-Wheelers)

  13. All minors must be supervised by adults when camping, day and/or night (at all times).

  14. No horse trailers in campgrounds.

  15. All quiet by 12:30 am. 

Campground Superintendent is Jeremy Wolfe.    Cell phone- (515) 480-9199