Camping During the Fair 2020

To Guthrie County Fair Campers

The Fair Board has approved to roll all the camping fees paid last year to 2021.  The board also voted that there will NOT be a gate fee this year, so there will be no wristbands.  Because there will be limited fair activities, as well as only “show and go” for the livestock divisions due to the COVID-19 issue, this is why the board chose to roll camp fees.    All camp sites are still reserved and will continue to stay that way until 2021.   2020 Campsites will be available to all campers who would like to use them this year, but on a day by day rate.   That means if you want to come camp over Labor Day weekend, you will need to pay the $15/day rate for every day your camper is on the grounds.  If you do not feel comfortable coming, or do not want to camp this year, the board understands.   You have until Wednesday, September 2, at noon, to decide if you want to camp at the 2020 fair.   If you choose not to come this year, your site will become available Wednesday, September 2, at noon, to anyone who might want to camp JUST FOR THIS YEAR ONLY.  

The Guthrie County Fair Board is fortunate to have the ground available for the campground and appreciates campers who use it at fair time and throughout the summer.   The decisions involving the campground this year have been very difficult, but the safety and welfare of our community and county is important.  We hope you all stay safe and healthy.