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Guthrie Co. Fairgrounds

PO Box 153

Guthrie Center, IA  50115


One week prior to the fair and during the fair you can contact the Secretary's Office at (641) 332-2230

Our Email - 

Vendors and Exhibitors

Please go to the information found under 'During The Fair'


Rentals including building, grounds, or shuttle

contact:  Donna Benton at





Jeremy Wolfe at (515) 480-9199

More info under 'During The Fair'

Guthrie Co. Fair Foundation

306 State Street

Guthrie Center, IA  50115

The fairgrounds are located on the west edge of Guthrie Center and are accessible through the north main gate off of Highway 44 or through the east gate off of Highway 25.  During the fair, campers are able to use the entrance off of Maple Avenue to easily access the campgrounds.  

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