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Thank you for your time and interest in bidding on the amphitheater project to be constructed on the Guthrie County Fair Grounds in Guthrie Center, IA.  Location of the project is to the east of the Art & Ag Hall and just north of the campgrounds.  Bids will be submitted for:

1). Amphitheater construction

2). Concrete installation

3). Electrical  

If contractor wishes to bid on more than one of the three items, that is acceptable, but please list bid amounts individually for respective line items.  If a combined number for either two or three line items is different than an individual, please state that as a separate bid amount.  Completion of project is to be done on or before August 19th 2022. The amphitheater is set to be delivered the first part of July and will be purchased by Guthrie County Fair Board (GCFB).  Contractor is only responsible for construction of the structure itself.

For questions regarding the project, contact:

Tyler Carney 515-371-1558 or tyler@csl-ia.com


Bids due by: 4 pm CST on April 22, 2022


Sealed bids submitted to:

Guthrie County Fair Board

PO Box 153

Guthrie Center, IA 50115

Downloadable info below