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The Fair Parade

Fair Parade Coordinator-  Cathy Sheeder (contact her at 641-747-8226)



Q- What is this year's parade & fair theme?

A- "Racing on into the Guthrie County Fair 2024"

Q- What time does the parade start?

A- 10:00 AM on Saturday morning.

Q- Do we have to sign up early to be in the parade?

A- No, you do not need to sign up at all. 


Q- Where do I go if I want to be in the parade?

A- We line the parade people up along School Street which is on the south end of town off of Highway 25, the street going to the high school.


Q- What time do I need to be there if I want to be in the parade?

A- We start lining up people at 9:00.  If you are one of the first ones there, you will more than likely be at the front of the parade. We just keep adding people to the end as they come.  Horses always last!!


Q- What is the parade route?

A- The parade starts on the south end of town, going north up Highway 25.  It will turn at the corner of 5th and State Streets going west through the main part of town.


Q- What else do I need to know about the parade?

A- The parade is an absolute blast!  If you are one of the many viewers of the parade, bring a comfy lawn chair or blanket.  Lots of goodies are thrown by the parade participants, so bring a bag for the kids to gather candy! 

Parade Flyer 2024.png
Racing On Into Fair Flyer (1).png
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