July 9, 2020

Dear Friends of the Guthrie County Fair,

For the past several weeks, and even months actually, the Guthrie County Fair Board has been working diligently to try to decide what your fair may look like this Labor Day weekend and how it may impact all of us.  We sought advice from many partners of the Guthrie Co. Fair and tried to come up with the best solution possible.  At the onset of this, our two main goals were to give our valued youth the safest possible outlet to display their projects and to protect the financial well being of the Guthrie Co. Fair.

Although the 2020 Guthrie Co. Fair will not be a full-scale production like it has in the past and to what many of you have become accustomed to, there WILL BE:  livestock shows, camping, and some grandstand entertainment.  We truly tried to find a balance between public health, financial stability, and trying to do what is best for our fair patrons and we believe that a healthy and practical balance has been achieved.  Even though the Guthrie Co. Fair is only 8 weeks from today, the decision needed to be made now and could only be done with current health information.  The following is a condensed listing of events and with more in-depth details coming soon.   Watch our Facebook page and/or the newspapers for updates.

  • 4-H/FFA shows----show and go format with NO premium auction

  • Grand River Rodeo---Friday evening, NO mutton busting

  • Figure 8 races---will be held on Saturday evening

  • Bags tournament---on Sunday

  • NAG races---Sunday evening, new event and should be fun!

  • Dog trials---will be held on Saturday and Sunday

  • Chain Saw Artist—will be at the fair on Saturday

  • Campgrounds will be open

NO fair parade, NO carnival, Art/Ag Hall will be closed, and the new Static building will be open intermittently

The Fair Board will most certainly promote a safe and healthy environment with social distancing, sanitizing, and following the guidelines put forth by Governor Reynolds and public health.  Thank you to all of those who have actively participated in helping us get to this point.  It was not easy!

The Guthrie Co. Fair has become home to many of you on Labor Day weekend and we do not wish to take that away from you and your families.  To those who may not entirely feel comfortable in attending the fair this year, we get it, we respect you, and we will miss you!  As it often goes in life, this is not what we had hoped for in the 2020 Guthrie Co. Fair, but we are trying to make the most with what we have----for YOU----who have graciously supported the Guthrie County Fair for many decades!



Guthrie County Fair Board