What we have available for rent-

  • Guthrie County Event Center, kitchen and restrooms-$250/day  

  •  Large room is 60' x 125' for seating approximately 400 people

  • Event Center, ticket window, amphitheater, and restrooms - $700



  • Open Grounds- $600 plus garbage & electric

  • Amphitheater only (no restrooms)- $200 plus cleaning

  • Ticket office and restrooms- $300


  • Shuttle-  $50 (in county)


  • Vendor Rental- Check out "During The Fair" site


  • Camping spots-(not during Fair Time or Ruckus)  $18/night

For camping during fair time- Check out "During The Fair" site

For more information about rentals or to reserve a date, contact Donna Benton at 641-332-2035 or 641-757-0220



The Event Center set up and decorated for a wedding reception.

Info for renting the Guthrie County Event Center is listed below in a downloadable .pdf format for your convenience.