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The Guthrie County Fair Board provides the opportunity for individuals, businesses, and organizations to donate to our fairgrounds. Memorials may be designated in the following areas: Memorial Tree Program, General Donations, and/or ongoing campaigns.  We encourage interested individuals and/ or businesses and organizations to contact Guthrie County Fair Board members to discuss ideas donates or memorials. Final memorial locations will depend on the fairgrounds' needs and areas already identified in our GC Fair Master Plan.


For more information, contact Donna Benton, Guthrie Co Fair Secretary, at 641-757-0220 or

Memorial Trees - Replacement of the 72 Ash Trees

The Memorial Tree Program allows individuals and organizations to honor loved ones and/or commemorate special events by planting trees in and around the fairground. Businesses and other organizations may want to dedicate a tree as a living asset to the surrounding community. The Guthrie County Fair has 72 Ash Trees to be removed due to disease, looking for a variety of trees to replace this huge loss. Trees are a great way to increase the beauty of our fairground and provide countless benefits to the community. Contributions for trees are gratefully accepted and are used to purchase, plant, and maintain trees in the Guthrie County Fairgrounds. Memorial tree requests are accepted year-round; however, trees are only planted in the spring or fall to maximize young tree health and development. Tree selection is based on location and tree species diversity.  Memorial Tree Program Approved Species List

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Showring  Campaign

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Other Projects & General Donations

General Donations are undesignated and used to best meet current Guthrie County Fairgrounds needs as determined by the Guthrie County Fair Board members.

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